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Andrew Gaidukov



1c 1c

abf abf

abf_clients abf_clients

abf_core abf_core

aivanov_stable aivanov_stable

android android

appdatta appdatta

arsenic arsenic

asterisk asterisk

business business

c73upd c73upd

ceph ceph

certification certification

cloud cloud

cobalt73upd cobalt73upd

coins coins

communications communications

corp_test corp_test

craft craft

cups_backports cups_backports

current current

devel devel

discopal discopal

domos domos

dx_chrome dx_chrome

dx_rc dx_rc

editors editors

edu edu

emulators emulators

enlightenment_backports enlightenment_bac...

epel7 epel7

ffmpeg_backports ffmpeg_backports

firefox firefox

frends frends

fresh fresh

frostwire frostwire

games games

gcc_backports gcc_backports

gimp21010 gimp21010

gis gis

gnome312 gnome312

gnome316 gnome316

gnome320 gnome320

gnome38 gnome38

gnome38_guilherme gnome38_guilherme

gnome3_backports gnome3_backports

graphics graphics

haskell haskell

hw_probe hw_probe

ibs ibs

import import

import7 import7

jbeap jbeap

katello katello

kde4_backports kde4_backports

kde5_backports kde5_backports

kernel kernel

kernel_debug kernel_debug

kernels_30x kernels_30x

kernels_3_10x kernels_3_10x

kernels_3_10x_one kernels_3_10x_one

kernels_3_11x kernels_3_11x

kernels_3_11x_one kernels_3_11x_one

kernels_3_12x kernels_3_12x

kernels_3_13x kernels_3_13x

kernels_3_14x kernels_3_14x

kernels_3_15x kernels_3_15x

kernels_3_15x_ht kernels_3_15x_ht

kernels_3_17x kernels_3_17x

kernels_3_18x kernels_3_18x

kernels_3_19x kernels_3_19x

kernels_31x kernels_31x

kernels_32x kernels_32x

kernels_33x kernels_33x

kernels_34x kernels_34x

kernels_35x kernels_35x

kernels_36x kernels_36x

kernels_37x kernels_37x

kernels_38x kernels_38x

kernels_39x kernels_39x

kernels_4_1x kernels_4_1x

kernels_drivers kernels_drivers

kernels_experiments kernels_experiments

kernels_farm kernels_farm

kernels_one kernels_one

kernels_to_fix kernels_to_fix

kernels_to_fix2 kernels_to_fix2

keychains keychains

kiosk kiosk

kormuz kormuz

linux_2safe_client linux_2safe_client

loader loader

lxqt_backports lxqt_backports

manaplus manaplus

mandrake mandrake

mandrivausersro mandrivausersro

maven maven

mdk mdk

mdksoft mdksoft

media media

mib mib

mib_team_test mib_team_test

mikhailnov_test mikhailnov_test

moondrake moondrake

mozilla mozilla

nagios nagios

nauka nauka

networks networks

nodejs nodejs

npp_team npp_team

ns_rosa_linux ns_rosa_linux

nss nss

ntcit ntcit

oem oem

omv_software omv_software

openstack openstack

openstack_dep openstack_dep

originative originative

ovirt ovirt

ovirt41 ovirt41

penetration penetration

perl6 perl6

perl_modules perl_modules

product_manager product_manager

pulp pulp

puppet puppet

python python

python35 python35

python3_modules python3_modules

qt5_backports qt5_backports

qt5current qt5current

quality quality

queskerlinux queskerlinux

rhev rhev

robxu9_gnome3_12 robxu9_gnome3_12

robxu9_lxdeqt robxu9_lxdeqt

roffice roffice

rosa_java rosa_java

rosa_kali rosa_kali

rosalab rosalab

rosalinuxro rosalinuxro

rosaserver rosaserver

rosa_server_addons rosa_server_addons

rosaserver_drivers_support rosaserver_driver...

rospochistota rospochistota

rpm rpm

rpm4 rpm4

rqm_android rqm_android

rqm_app rqm_app

rqm_qt rqm_qt

rs81 rs81

rsyslog rsyslog

ruby_oma ruby_oma

rus rus

rv rv

rv2 rv2

rv3 rv3

rv4 rv4

rv_engine rv_engine

rv_host rv_host

sailfish sailfish

samba samba

sc sc

server server

server7 server7

server8 server8

soft soft

software software

sokolweb sokolweb

sources sources

sx10 sx10

symbiants symbiants

testgroup testgroup

tests tests

thunderbird thunderbird

token token

toolchain toolchain

tox tox

translations translations

tuxdroid tuxdroid

uxteam uxteam

voip voip

wine_stack wine_stack

x11_backports x11_backports

x11_fix x11_fix

x3_devel x3_devel

xcat xcat

xcp xcp

xenelabs xenelabs

xfce xfce

xiix xiix

zabbix zabbix

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