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NixTux Commit Bot has added c15bce6053
bot: rpm5 -> rpm4 (13) [rosa2019.1]

(13) rosa2019.1: run with 10-12 added

(12) rosa2019.05: fix incorrectly changed %noautoreqfiles and %noautoprovfiles

(11) rosa2019.05: remove quotations from %requires_exclude and %provides_exclude which do not work on RPM 4

(10) rosa2019.05: %py_ -> %py2_, %{py_ -> %{py2_

(9): Adopt spec for enabled byte compiling in Python

These automatic changes are done by scripts *rpm5-to-rpm4.sh at https://gitlab.com/abf-mirror/abf-mirror-scripts
The goal is to adopt specs for RPM 4 to which ROSA 2019.1 has migrated from RPM 5, but keep compatibility with RPM 5.
Details about migration are here: https://wiki.rosalab.ru/ru/index.php/Переход_ROSA_с_RPM_5_на_RPM_4
Contact m.novosyolov@rosalinux.ru in case of problems

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