ROSA-A-2015:1698* Added the "Clear" button for destroying partition table on the USB flash disk and allowing OS to see its full capac...
ROSA-A-2015:1697Use /etc/xdg/menus/ instead of /etc/xdg/menus/
ROSA-A-2015:1696Prefer help files from doc5/HTML, then fallback to doc/HTML
ROSA-A-2015:1695Pass locale environment values
ROSA-A-2015:1694Updated poppler to version 0.32.0, fix ghostscript fonts issue
ROSA-A-2015:1693New version 1.7.42
ROSA-A-2015:1692Fix ownership for /var/lib/sddm (should be owned by sddm)
ROSA-A-2015:1691New version 0.1.2. The main change since 0.1.1 is a safety check before trying to load glyph cursor.
ROSA-A-2015:1690Add Documents, Music, Downloads, Pictures, Videos to default bookmarks
ROSA-A-2015:1689Load extra translations from mandriva-kde-translation catalog as fallback
ROSA-A-2015:1686New version 1.0.18, build with udev support
ROSA-A-2015:1684Update aurorae theme (increase left and right borders from 1 to 2)
ROSA-A-2015:1683Increase left and right borders from 1 to 2
ROSA-A-2015:1682New version 4.11.17 with minor translation updates. Add patch to fix Aurorae decoration engine (KDE bug #345447). Mak...
ROSA-A-2015:1681No longer require libkactivities and polkit-kde-agent-1, they are now required by kdebase4-workspace. Split khelpcent...
ROSA-A-2015:1680New version 4.8.2 with minor bugfixes. Build both Qt4 and Qt5 versions.
ROSA-SA-2015:1679Fix Russian translation for knotes and krfb
ROSA-A-2015:16781. Pass locale environment variables to xsession from KDM 2. Move drakclock in KDE System Settings from System admin...
ROSA-A-2015:1677New alsa version 1.0.29. It brings OXFW driver support for OXFW970/971-based cards, USB AudioSport Quattro configurat...
ROSA-A-2015:1676New version 0.19.9, it fixes lots of bugs (including crashes, memory leaks and others) since 0.19 release. Other than...
ROSA-A-2015:1675New version 4.3.26. It fixes crash on Linux hosts with 4.0 kernels and various other bugs
ROSA-A-2015:1674Make it possible to install both 32 and 64 bit sni-qt plugin
ROSA-A-2015:1673Split themes out of SDDM main package
ROSA-A-2015:1671Fix Requires for Samba development package
ROSA-A-2015:1670Rebuild ffmpeg 2.5.4 with opencv support
ROSA-A-2015:1669Rebuild against ffmpeg 2.5
ROSA-A-2015:1668New version 2.5.4
ROSA-A-2015:1667New version 1.3.0
ROSA-A-2015:1666New version 5.0.3
ROSA-A-2015:1665New version 5.0.2